falling slowly, eyes that know me
and i can't go back

All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.

- William Shakespeare

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You Shouldn’t Be Here

Rachel Berry:

Rachel’s first semester at NYADA was nothing at all like the cliché experience the movies showed. She had had a roommate from hell, enough boy troubles to last for a couple more years, and also a teacher that seemed like her sole mission was to see her fail. When it finally ended, she couldn’t run home to Lima quick enough. But, thankfully, she didn’t have to. Her dads thought she should be rewarded for finishing a semester in college by accompanying her on their cruise. And while normally she might have objected - gay cruises weren’t exactly the best places for straight people to mingle - she didn’t this time. Finding - and falling - for a cute boy was the last thing she wanted and she thought being surrounded by men who liked men (and the women who went were nice as well) was perfect.

But she did have to return to school eventually, no matter how much fun she had been having. Tanned, rested and with a new look on her college life (it helped that she didn’t have Crazy Cassie anymore), she returned to NYADA. Her first day back saw her having an AM vocal class, something she was definitely looking forward too. Last semester she had to dance, an area she never particularly bragged about. But her voice was a different story. She knew how talented she was, even in a school like this. How many freshman had been invited to the winter showcase and won? Not many and Rachel belonged to that very small group.

Arriving to the class a good ten minutes early, she looked at the room and smiled a little fondly. It reminded her of the choir room back in Lima; rows of chairs, the room definitely bigger and much better suited for acoustics. Being the excited student that she was, she took a front chair, watching as everyone began to file in, one by one. A few minutes after class was supposed to start, a man in slacks and a vest walked in quickly, crossing the room in a flash. After he set his things down, she looked expectantly because this was obviously the teacher and… “Holy crap.” The words came out of her mouth in a soft, shocked whisper because she was looking at Jesse St. James. Her new vocal teacher was her ex-boyfriend. Great.

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